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Average assessment by students between 2017 – 2020

Marilene Gathier

Marilene Gathier

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Marilene Gathier
is a teacher with extensive experience:

started De Taalvraag in 2011

authored 10 teaching methods of Dutch as a second language (NT2)

provides training to other teachers

NT2 at De Taalvraag: very high-quality courses

     Blik op Werk quality mark: (loan from DUO is possible)

     Average assessment by students between 2017 – 2020: 9.1/10 assessment by Blik op Werk

     For the past 4 years, a success rate above 95% after a positive examination advice. In 2020, 99% of our students                           taking an exam were successful!

     All levels (to A1, A2, B1, B2, C1), online or on location in Rotterdam

     Small Groups with a lot of attention for each individual student

     Reaching a higher language level at a fast pace

     A lot of speaking training with many different activities

     The teachers of De Taalvraag are certified by the BVNT2  and are listed in the professional register

     De Taalvraag has a partnership with the municipality of Rotterdam and 32 other language providers

     De Taalvraag regularly receives students through the UAF, , a foundation for refugee students

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Can De Taalvraag help you?

The Netherlands has become your new country. You came here for love, for work or as a refugee. You are a person with qualities. You have goals for yourself in the Netherlands, but you do not speak good enough Dutch yet. At De Taalvraag, we can help you learn Dutch quickly and at a high level. You can achieve this if you participate actively and work hard yourself. Other students have succeeded before you. Former students now work or study at a level that suits them. You can become one of them!
Les van Marilene de Taalvraag
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Photo of our online classes (December 2020) and our classes at our location (summer course 2020)

Videos of De Taalvraag

General Information:

B1 – B2:  

Beginners – A2:

Our team:

A2 – B1:

Hybrid courses (online and at our location):

Videos about Dutch Grammar:

Photos 10 years De Taalvraag

These are videos from 2020 and 2021. For more videos, please take a look at our

What do our students say about us? (Blik op Werk satisfaction survey 2020)

The teachers are professionals and very friendly. I am satisfied with the course.

The teachers are very competent and they have experience with the NT2 state exams.

The teachers are very involved and they give a lot of feedback to the students. They often ask for our feedback and take into account the different levels of the students.

I think De Taalvraag responds perfectly to what students need. We have regular evaluations at school and it works very well.

After comparing different courses, choosing this course is the best decision I could have made.

Reviews van cursisten

Before I started the course at De Taalvraag, I always felt small or that I was never good enough. However, I feel bigger now, and I think anything is possible. I am grateful the patience of Marilene and Ruth. And I am grateful that I found this course at the right time.



Marilene is a very good teacher and a very good supporter. Besides being a good teacher, she is also a wonderful person who supported me when I had a difficult period in my life. She helped me see which path I had to follow.



This course comes highly recommended! The quality of the teachers is top notch and they have extensive experience with students. It is worth the price. You will learn Dutch and prepare for the State Exams. The location is also great, close to the metro station.



This is one of the best language schools in Rotterdam. Marilene and Ruth are the nicest teachers I have ever met. They have a unique way of teaching and preparing students for their integration exams and learning Dutch at all levels. They really care about the students and do not treat them like numbers. Each student is given the necessary attention or the extra help needed to achieve his or her goals. I highly recommend De Taalvraag to anyone who seriously wants to learn Dutch, for personal or business reasons.



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De Taalvraag lessen in kleine groepen 2019

Photos: classes in small groups, 2019

De Taalvraag lessen-in kleine groepen 2019